Join the Seven Summers Team

What started as an idea in the back of Abbey Kyhl’s mind has now developed into a growing and thriving business and community of people dedicated to being better for those they love and more intentional in how they choose to spend their days.

Since starting her own photography business over a decade ago, Abbey has seen over and over the importance of how we spend our time. We believe that time is at the heart of all true success. What we choose to focus on and how we spend our time each day will determine if we build the businesses we want to build, if we raise the families we want to raise, and if we live the lives that we actually want to live.

Our team believes that at the heart of every success in life is a foundation of the right behaviors and habits. And when we implement those in the right way and spend our time in the right way we can do anything…literally anything!

We are always on the lookout for people who believe these same things! People who love helping others find the balance between building a business and raising a family. People who believe that the way we spend our time is the most important decision we make each day.

If you are shouting “yes, that’s me!” we would love to chat!

We are currently looking to fill the following positions, but are always open to anyone who aligns with our ideals:

– Graphic Designer
– Client Coordinator
– Social Media & Marketing Assistant