The Blueprint Course

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We’ve been there. Figuring out how to build a business is hard, put on top of that raising a family and it can feel impossible! There’s so much to navigate and so much to figure out. We are here to help! And not just to help you figure it out, but help you thrive at it in a manageable and effective way!

After more than a decade as a wife, mother, and business owner, Abbey Kyhl, the founder of Seven Summers Creative has learned that there are certain core qualities that lead to success. They just do. Certain habits that breed consistency. It isn’t always the strategy, or the tip, or the tool that makes or breaks us, it is our ability to be in the right place and mindset in our lives to take those things and make them a part of our daily life. Because the secret to success is found in the things we do day in and day out.

And theblueprint™ is a proven system that maps out all of those elements to help you be successful!

What You Get When You Join The Blueprint:

 Weekly lessons to keep you on track!

 Hours of amazing learning!

 Industry leading teachers who “get it”

 $100’s of dollars in bonuses and discounts

 Accountability to keep you moving forward

 Proven blueprints to implement into your business

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