Workflows That Work


Just what you have been waiting for! Get ready for a game changer!

The best thing that we ever did in our photography business was to create incredibly efficient and effective workflows. Workflows that could save us time and ultimately save us money. By automating each possible step and creating important prompts and reminders, we were able to shave not just minutes off our process but hours! Hours that we could choose to spend on marketing to grow our business or hours that we could choose to spend with our families. Our step-by-step workflows were undoubtedly one of the biggest shifts and game changers we had in our business. They have allowed us to do more in less time, to charge more, to be proactive instead of reactive in our communication with our clients, and to wow our clients throughout the entire experience.

And now you can have them! Each workflow, each step, each email, each prompt, each questionnaire, each and every element!

Workflows That Work includes these ten workflows:

  • Portrait Inquiry Workflow
  • Wedding Inquiry Workflow
  • Portrait Client Workflow
  • Wedding Client Workflow
  • Engagement Session Workflow
  • Bridal Session Workflow
  • Album Workflow
  • Order Workflow
  • Tips Workflow for Portraits
  • Tips Workflow for Weddings
With Workflows That Work, you will able to follow our process, view our emails, and every other element of each workflow of it as you are making them your own. Systemizing my workflows allows me to spend less time on menial tasks, and more time focusing on client care and creating connections. And now you can do the same! My clients RAVE about how organized and on top of things I am, how well our team communicates with one another and how much personal attention they get. Without these workflows and the elimination of trivial tasks and practices, logistically, I would be unable to provide a personable and celebrated client experience and take on the number of clients we work with at any given time.

Are you ready to get started and take control of your workflows today?

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