theblueprint™ – Who’s It For?

By Abbey Kyhl The Blueprint Founder, Time Wise Teacher, Faith Encourager

I’m just here to take care of the people God has assigned to me. Blessed with what I need. Working hard for what I want.

Who theblueprint™ is for!

The first question that anyone would ask when I talk about theblueprint™ is, what is it? If you aren’t sure on that I would check out this blog post first.

The next most frequently asked question I get about theblueprint™ is if it is just for photographers, which is totally understandable given the fact that my first business was a photography studio, and much of my entrepreneurial experience came over the past twelve years I have been doing that.

But no, theblueprint™ is not just for photographers.

Is it awesome for photographers? Yes!
Is it too generic that photographers won’t get what they need to build a successful business? Absolutely not!

theblueprint™ was created for…

  • The parent, who wants to have something on their resume next to “raising kids”.
  • Anyone who struggles to achieve harmony between building a business and raising a family.
  • Anyone who is tired of all the late nights and too much time spent putting out fires and not enough time moving forward.
  • The parent and business owner who is concerned about building healthy tech habits.
  • Any small business that wants to be more successful at marketing and social media.
  • Any business owner who wants to implement effective systems and automation to shave hours off their work time.
  • Business owners looking to create a better client experience for their ideal clients that transforms them into life-long client advocates.
  • Anyone who needs help staying on track and staying accountable and making things manageable.
  • All those out there chasing big dreams while helping their kids chase theirs.
  • …and most importantly it’s for anyone who wants to do more in less time and truly live a life of time well spent.

Just to give you an idea of who some of my past students have been:

  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Fashion Bloggers
  • Health Experts
  • Florists
  • Wedding Industry Professionals
  • Conference Organizers
  • Instagram Personalities
  • Graphic Designers
  • Website Developers
  • Online Shop Owners
  • MLMer’s
  • Authors
  • Photo Editors
  • Course Creators

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