Figuring out how to build a business is hard, put on top of that raising a family and it can feel impossible! There’s so much to navigate and so much to figure out. We are here to help! And not just to help you figure it out, but help you thrive at it in a manageable and effective way!

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A better business owner. A better spouse.
A better parent. A better person.

We get it. We’ve been there. Figuring out how to be your best self and how to build the life you actually want to live is hard. We all have things we want. Places in our lives that we feel like if we could just “get it right” we could start to see the results we have been dreaming about.

After more than a decade as a wife, mother, and business owner, Abbey Kyhl, the founder of Seven Summers Creative has learned that there are certain core qualities that lead to success. They just do. Certain habits that breed consistency. It isn’t always the strategy, or the tip, or the tool that makes or breaks us, it is our ability to be in the right place and mindset in our lives to take those things and make them a part of our daily life. Because the secret to success is found in the things we do day in and day out.

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Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I am always tired and can never keep up.
  • I can never stay on top of everything.
  • I struggle to manage my time well.
  • My family is always waiting for me.
  • I don't have a solid business plan.
  • I can't find or book enough clients.
  • I am not growing the way I want to be.
  • I feel like I have to choose my business or my family.
  • I know I should be doing more with marketing.
  • I wished I was more confident.
  • I seriously consider giving up sometimes.

Imagine instead if you were saying this!

  • I am accomplishing things I never dared to dream about.
  • I love all my clients and my schedule is full.
  • I have a clear vision for where my business is going.
  • I am making enough money to make it worth it.
  • I know my goals and I am taking action to reach them.
  • I am really proud of who I am as a parent.
  • I'm proud of how I spend my time and all I get done.
  • I feel harmony between my business and my family.
  • I feel energized and joy filled about my life.

What You Get When You Join The Blueprint

  • Weekly lessons to keep you on track!
  • Hours of amazing learning!
  • Industry leading teachers who “get it”
  • $100’s of dollars in bonuses and discounts
  • Accountability to keep you moving forward
  • Proven blueprints to implement into your business

Let's Start Learning

  • Start Smart Guide
  • Lesson 01 - Make Space For Success
  • Lesson 02 - Take Control Of Your Time
  • Lesson 03 - Use Your Time Wisely
  • Lesson 04 - Kickstart Marketing
  • Lesson 05 - The Seven Summers Solution
  • Lesson 06 - Business Foundations
  • Lesson 07 - Small Steps, Big Impact
  • Lesson 08 - Strength, Service & Self-Care
  • Lesson 09 - Achieve Harmony Between Business & Family
  • Lesson 10 - Ideal Clients, Loyal Advocates & Messaging
  • Lesson 11 - Curate Your Client Experience
  • Lesson 12 - Pricing
  • Lesson 13 - Sharpen Your Selling Skills
  • Lesson 14 - Building A Brand vs. Branding
  • Lesson 15 - Workflows That Work, Systems = Success
  • Lesson 16 - Get Going, Get Growing
  • Lesson 17 - Marketing Foundations
  • Lesson 18 - Plan Marketing & Analyze Results
  • Lesson 19 - Make Marketing Manageable
  • Lesson 20 - Create Consistent Content
  • Lesson 21 - Website
  • Lesson 22 - Blogging
  • Lesson 23 - SEO
  • Lesson 24 - Social Media Marketing
  • Lesson 25 - Dealing With Digital Distractions
  • Lesson 26 - Newsletters & Email Marketing
  • Lesson 27 - Scale Up
  • Lesson 28 - Faith > Fear
  • Lesson 29 - Make It Happen
  • Lesson 30 - 8 Weeks To Being Booked
  • Bonus - The Mini Team Builder Course

Whether it’s coming up with a business plan, implementing marketing strategies, or helping get everything in your business set up, The Blueprint community is here every step of the way. There isn’t much we haven’t been through, both in our own business and for our many, many students. We have proven blueprints and strategies that are tweaked to perfection! So let’s do this. Let’s take your business to the top!

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Members can join our Accountability in Action groups each month. You share your goals and projects with us and we check in throughout the month to help you get them done!

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We all have questions and we all need real answers. Each month we will do a live Q&A where you can ask anything. Literally anything and we will answer all your biggest questions!


All of our members receive special partner benefits that will save you even more on the products you love most.

better at business. better at life.

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straight from the ones who know me best...

TrippMom's Best Buddy
My mom is really helpful and she is really smart which is why she wears glasses. She can type really fast which makes it so she can get work done quicker. She always talks to me and helps me figure out my problems. Plus, she can bring cookies.
Kayla Trujillotheblueprint™@trulyphotographyut
I have been a long time fan of Abbey and her business. She has a wonderful mind for business and marketing - the parts of a business that can be the scariest for a creative. I love her perspective on work-life balance. I loved her philosophy that a business should be a benefit to your family and if it's not, something needs to change. Abbey has impacted my business and my family in huge ways. She is kind and such a great industry role model. I have loved learning from her and will always continue to seek her advice.
Eryn LeighCoaching Student@erynleigh_
Abbey has been a huge motivator in my life and business. I have done her Master's Coaching and just started theblueprint™. Abbey is someone you can always count on to help you move forward. Her focus is more holistic; she looks at the big picture and makes sure your focus on succeeding is not at the cost of yourself. I have felt nothing but pride and motivation from her and the gratitude I feel for her influence cannot be put into words.
Lacey Alexandertheblueprint™@laceyalexander_
I have been mind blown over and over from listening to Abbey speak and taking courses from Seven Summers.  Not only have I received vital information, but I have learned specific tools to take action and become the successful person I know I can be.  Talent alone can only get you so far.  Abbey will take you the rest of the way.
Kylee Ann MaughnIndustry Friend@kyleeannstudios
Abbey is like the mother of all businesses. She‘s an amazing teacher and speaker but even more than that she nurturer, supports, hand holds & cheers you on along your path - whatever it may be.
Hiliary Meenderinktheblueprint™@hiliary.kastudios
Abbey is one of the most creative people I know. I’ve been following her for years and anytime she starts something new, I just think “Abbey is GOLD!” Anything she does is successful because behind her creativity is strategy. Creativity is nothing without strategy and execution preceding it. I’m so happy that I get to have Abbey as a mentor to support and teach me throughout my career.
Katie Parkertheblueprint™@katieparkerphotography
Coaching with Abbey is hands down the best thing I have done for my business. Her no-excuse approach makes it extra motivating to get things done. I had a hard time taking big projects and big goals on, and she helped me break them down into easier, doable tasks. Her knowledge for business in the photography industry runs very deep and she know how to help you improve in your weakest points. She was always on top of what needed to be done, and always knew what direction to take next. The best part that I was not expecting was a amazing friendship, someone I could be one hundred percent real with, and someone I will always run to with more questions when I need help!
Emily Hardytheblueprint™@emilyhardyphotography
I was tired of being tired and pushing everything aside for work. I signed up for  theblueprint™ and Abbey totally gets me! She is helping me implement everything I am learning so I can make space and time in my life to be present.
Breanna McKendrickWorkshop Attendee@breannamckendrickphoto
At first, I wanted to do and say all of the same things as she does, but Abbey knew how important it was to discover and learn my own processes so that I could share genuinely with my clients. he offers a lot of info and resources that have worked for her, but also gives you enough room to explore what will work for you. She has a great respect for allowing you to be your own brand and find your own voice while she is there to support and help you in any way along that path. That empowerment is far more beneficial than just selling you a template of how to run a photography business where you insert your name. It takes more time, mentoring and care, but the value of this experience is worth so much more!!
Amy Hirschi@amyhirschi_
I can honestly say that the best thing I ever did for my business was learn how to run it like a business from the start. This lesson and its practices have helped me across the two different businesses I've started. No matter what Abbey is offering, whether it's an in person workshop, online class, personal coaching, or speaking to an audience, (which I've participated in all of these), I know I'll learn a lot, and feel pumped about life. Now that I'm having my first child and starting a whole new phase in my journey, I'm so excited that I have Seven Summers on my team!
Kylie HoschouerThe Shift@lifelooksphotography
I have known that I am going about things wrong for quite awhile now. The feeling of constantly spinning my wheels with the slowest improvements to my business had me drained! As I’ve been pouring my heart, soul and time into my little photography business, my children and husband are often left to play second fiddle to my dreams. For the past year I have wondered where I’ll find the time to learn all that I need to be successful without sacrificing my family. Along came Abbey Kyhl and theblueprint™. I knew I’d found the answer to my heart’s prayer. There have been MANY moments I have let out a “YES,” and “Oh my goodness!” theblueprint™ has spoken to my heart and I am changing my mindset for good. I will be better than I have been before and my family and business will thrive.
Kinsey Holttheblueprint™@kinseyholtphotography
I keep coming back for more education from Abbey! I want to be present for my family and grow my business, and be successful in both areas - she is so good at teaching exactly what I need to do that. She has helped me implement systems, and get organized so that I'm not a hot mess - I'm a CEO! And it's not just about the business. She has pushed me to really take a look at my priorities, break down goals to actually achieve them, and develop habits and mindsets for success in any area of life!
Jacki Millertheblueprint™@foilandink
I needed some serious help getting organized. Getting my products out there online for the world to see is a huge struggle for me. theblueprint™ seemed to have the perfect recipe for marketing your business without spending countless hours in front of the computer and away from my family. This will be the best and most freeing decision you make. You will want to outsource everything once you see how wonderful it is!
Anna MarisolUnited Attendee@anna_marisol
I cried while Abbey spoke to my heart. There was a room filled with photographers and many of them parents who also wept as she told the story of 7 Summers. Her powerful speech prompted me to be more intentional with both business and personal life. With easy to follow ways to streamline your business, Abbey offers a valuable tool that lets you get back to your reason why. I found her easy to relate to and extremely down to earth with a wonderful, yet powerful message that left you with no excuses to streamline your business.

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When should I start?

You can really start anytime! So if you see a lesson that you love, that is the perfect time to join! We do a big kick-off also every August and every January so those are also great times to jump in and get to work with us.

What if I have additional questions?

Let’s chat! We are happy to answer any questions you have. Just contact us HERE.

What makes theblueprint™ different from other online education?

We have combined the best of everything into theblueprint™. It isn't just online learning lessons. Its the lessons, on-track challenges, an amazing support group, built-in accountability, and a team cheering you on and helping you actually get to the finish line.

When do new lessons launch?

All our new lessons launch on Mondays! So you will want to make sure you join our facebook group so that you can get going and get growing right along with us.

What is the best way to access theblueprint™?

There are three things we recommend doing. First, check your email! Once you join, we will send you a welcome email. Move that email into your inbox so any of our additional emails will make it to you and you can keep up on what is going on. Second, add theblueprint™ link to your favorites in your internet browser. That way you will be able to find it quickly from your computer. Third, download the Teachable app from the App Store. That way you can have all the lessons and content with you on the go.

How long do I have access to theblueprint™?

How does forever sound? Once you're in, you're in and there is no expiration on your membership. And the best part is you get all the updates and new things we are working on!

Will I receive access to content all at once?

Yes'ish! Upon joining the current content is immediately available. The vault content will become available within 24 hours.

What are the best things in the vault?

For sure our students love our step-by-step workflow guide with all the template emails and everything else you need to implement immediately. You also get all of our contract templates, questionnaire templates, and so much more! Not to mention all of the amazing worksheets that help keep you on track!